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Training and development



Training courses provided by FBS are open public courses and in-house programs aimed specifically at client needs.


Whilst we would normally expect to tailor in-house programs to meet particular client requirements we will be happy to deliver standard courses where this is a client's preference.


Courses can be adapted to most circumstances and are normally relevant to all organisations. It is our experience that training and development needs are universal.


We are happy to run training courses at client's premises or to provide venues and facilities.


For open public courses please follow the link below. For course contents see the course links below.


These are the main training courses that we currently provided but this list is not meant to be exhaustive, other topics, particularly management skills, are available.



Click on the links below for more details




Courses covering managing people and other human dimensional topics:



Managing people

Managing teams

Managing remote teams

Strength Deployment Inventory


             Courses covering commercial topics:


Fundamentals of finance

Finance for executives (Corporate Finance)

Financial project appraisal

Strategic planning

Negotiation skills


Courses covering management skills such as Performance Management, Managing Meetings, Interviewing etc., are also available, please enquire.


Team building and team building events