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Negotiation is at the heart of commercial activity. Anyone who has a significant impact on decision-making within the organisation needs to be competent at getting the best deal they can. In this two-day workshop we aim to improve participants' awareness and competence in the negotiation process.


The course considers the essential factors and steps in the process. It uses practical work as well as discussion and lecture input to bring out the important issues and to give participants practice in carrying out negotiations. It will demonstrate the importance of understanding the other side's position and building a rapport with them so that a bargain satisfactory to both sides is made leading to a lasting business relationship.


Participants will be encouraged to consider and discuss the topics as they affect their own individual circumstances and to produce ideas and actions to take back to their work situations.


Who is it for?


The Negotiating Skills workshop is intended for those who need to be competent at this fundamental skill. It is suitable for those new to negotiation as well as those who need to improve their skill level.


Learn how to:


      Plan a negotiation

      Clearly identify what it is that you need to achieve and set entry and exit levels

      Trade and bargain successfully

      Read the 'other side' and deal with them better

      Negotiate on price

      Adopt the best negotiating style for you and the negotiation you are in

      Counter some negotiating tactics


Modular course composition to help you:


      Use a negotiation process model that works

      Prepare properly for the negotiation so that you are confident when you deal with others

      Know yourself so that you can use an appropriate negotiating style and stay calm under pressure

      Read others so that you get a negotiated outcome that satisfies everyone

      Communicate more effectively

      Recognise the negotiating tactics that are being used by the other side and counter them


Delivery designed to enhance your performance including:


      An interactive and facilitated approach so that participants can address their own particular interests

      Practical applications of models and tools to explain and understand underlying principles and good practice

      Syndicate work and discussions to identify key elements

      Role-plays and exercises to practice and improve negotiation