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This course is concerned with the financial evaluation of projects. It aims to show managers and others how it is done and to give them the skills necessary to produce reliable financial data for their own projects. The aim of the course is to increase competency in this area for those people involved in project financial evaluation so that they will be more confident to undertake work of this type. The course is practical and concentrates on applying the techniques in the work place. It will simplify and demystify this complex topic.


At the end of the course participants will be able to produce financial data for projects and understand and use that information to make good decisions.





Financial criteria in project appraisal


Financial appraisal methods:

Cost benefit analysis and the benefit cost ratio

Accounting rate of return


Discounted cash flow:

The time value of money: compounding & discounting

Internal rate of return (IRR)

Net present value (NPV)

Economic return


Identifying the discount rate:

The basic components of discount rates – time reward, risk and inflation

Opportunity costs of capital and the weighted average cost of capital

Equity and the capital asset pricing model: risk free rates & risk premiums


Producing project financial forecasts:

Identifying and quantifying costs and benefits

Dealing with intangible items e.g. morale, safety

Estimating costs and benefits – sources of data


          Calculating free cash flows:

What to include in relevant costs and incomes

Sunk costs, ripple effects and opportunity costs

Deciding on a project life

Dealing with taxation and inflation – real cash flows and money cash flows


Uncertainty and risk in the base data:

Risk – using risk premiums as a way to manage risk

Sensitivity analysis explained and explored

Probability analysis and how to use it in project situations





The course will use a mixture of lecture input, discussion and practical exercises to give participants the necessary skills to be able to use these data and work with them.