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In most organisations people work in groups or with others in such a way that they are interdependent. Work groups may comprise separate complete units as in departments or sections for example, or people in different functions that must collaborate to get the work done. These dependencies that can be both intra and inter-group mean that those involved need to work together to achieve objectives. Team working can be called a group of people working together to achieve common objectives. Bringing people together who are in this situation in a way that causes them to effectively and efficiently work together to achieve common objectives is team building.


Our Team Building events concentrate on helping groups who need to work together to achieve a better level of team working and become fully effective teams. They are customised events aimed specifically at individual teams to help them become more effective. The events are built around a series of activities designed to highlight and deal with the particular issues facing the team and to help them overcome them and to become more effective. We will work with you to identify the aims of the event and its desired outcomes.


General team building events in both internal and external environments


Internal team building courses and events normally involve a group undertaking a series of activities or syndicate exercises in which they experientially learn the elements of good team working and team building. The activities and exercises are of types that are appropriate for internal use.


External team building courses and events are more varied and can include activities that the client is particularly interested in. These can range from fairly straightforward tasks to more vigorous activities. Where specialist activities are required e.g. orienteering, abseiling, yachting, we use the services of associate organisations who can complement our own services. As we have links with a number of specialist organisations we are able to offer a wide variety of external team building and team working formats. We can also offer venues in Spain for team events especially where a mixture of development and leisure activities are required. This is particularly useful for organisations with a number of European locations that wish to bring people together for team events or conferences. We are also happy to provide team events at other European locations.


Specific work group development


These are usually designed to help a complete work group develop into a more effective team. The event and its activities are chosen to be specifically relevant to each individual work group. In particular we use the Team Management Systems (TMS) team development model produced by Margerison and McCann to help team members identify their team's current effectiveness and plan how to move forward. As part of this process team members receive a team role profile of themselves that can be used to integrate them into a more effective complete team.


We also use organisational consulting processes to help teams identify and confront weaknesses and dysfunctionalities and to find solutions that will enable them to move forward and become more effective.



Team Building


Typically one or two-day events at your place of work or suitable external venues



Who is it for?


The events are intended for groups of people who need to work together to achieve common objectives and goals and need to improve their team effectiveness.


Key skills:


      Articulate the team's major goals and prioritise objectives

      Recognise and use the skills of group members

      Identify and relate to how others feel and are acting and react effectively

      Collaborate with others to achieve objectives

      Deal with and resolve conflict within the group

      Share team leadership

      Give good feedback to others


Key outcomes:


      Get your team members to understand who the team includes (where it is an inter-function event)

      Get your team members to accept the importance of good team working

      Get your team members to understand what good team working means

      Reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your team

      Get team members to face up to team deficiencies and find ways to overcome them

      Build better relationships amongst your team members

      Encourage team members to support and help one another

      Become a better team leader

      Build a more effective team


Method and approach:


      Customised activities aimed specifically at your particular team issues

      Activities that can be carried out indoors with if required some light outdoor activities

      Activities that are suitable for all team members irrespective of gender, age, physical abilities, ethnicity, religion, skills etc.

      Activities designed to identify team issues and build team cooperation

      Facilitated de-briefs of each activity or series of activities as appropriate to bring out and establish the learning points

      Where requested customised workshops using psychometric instruments or other tools to help specific work groups address specific issues or to become high-energy teams