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Managing your team effectively and getting results



Managing teams and effective team working are popular modern management concepts but what do they mean, and how are they achieved. Different working environments requiring different work styles and variety in human behaviour mean that what constitutes an effective team in one situation may not be the case in another. Managing people in these situations can be complex and demanding and yet it is success here that is the key to effective organisational performance.


In this workshop we explore what managing an effective team actually means and how it can be achieved in practice.


Given that in most work situations people need to interface with others, good team management is fundamental to organisational success. Understanding the human dynamics of teams and their potential for affecting organisational performance makes this a fundamental and essential skill for every manager.


Course content


Identify how effective your team is: assess it against the components of effective and ineffective teams

Identify your team climate and how it performs

The stages of group development and the effects of group dynamics on performance: identify the stage of development your team is at

How team size affects team performance

Motivation within a team environment and how to motivate your team

The importance of informal groups within teams and the impact of group values on performance

Team cohesiveness and what creates it

Team leadership styles

Identifying and resolving conflict within the team

Achieving a balanced team through team roles

Devise a plan for making your team more effective and overcoming resistance




The workshop is very practical and uses models and tools supplemented by syndicate work and discussions to identify the key elements in effective team management and to help participants identify ways to improve their team's performance.


It aims to make participants more effective at managing teams. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to apply its contents to improve team effectiveness within their organisations.