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FBS provides a facilitation service to organisations to help them run successful strategy workshops. We are fully conversant with a range of strategic planning tools and models and are able to adapt many of them to fit a variety of organisations and their situations. Many of these tools and models can be abbreviated to provide a simple but effective way of considering organisational issues and planning future possibilities.


We can act simply as a facilitator of the workshop or we can be more involved by using our expertise in strategic planning and strategic management.


We are happy to work with small and large organisations and our services are entirely confidential. And we are also happy to find locations and venues that will help managers produce the best results from a strategy workshop.


Strategy workshops are typically away days for managers who are involved in the forward direction of their organisation. They are usually held off site at a venue that is conducive to original and creative thought. The aim is to critically consider and review the organisation's position and future direction. An outcome should be achieved that will give the managers a clearer understanding of where the organisation is and where it should be in the future. An outline plan for how to proceed could be produced.


Goals and outcomes should be the desired aim but a workshop may simply concentrate on helping the participants to clear their minds so that goals and direction can be considered at a subsequent event.


A workshop might typically run for one or two days with perhaps a semi informal evening where ideas can be discussed in a more relaxed environment. These ideas must be captured and brought forward to the second day.


Normally strategy workshops will involve those senior managers who are directly involved in the strategy of the organisation perhaps no more than ten. However others may be involved if their input is essential or useful, but numbers should be limited, groups of more than ten will find it harder to reach agreement and involve everyone fully and constructively.