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Consultancy for SMEs


Group facilitation


Psychometric testing






FBS provides personal support to managers and executives in the form of coaching, help and advisory services.


These are normally on a one to one basis but can be for small groups of perhaps two or three people. They are conducted in separate short sessions of normally one or two hours or perhaps half a day; longer sessions are available. Alternatively they can be in the form of telephone consultation or email/internet contact.


The aim is to provide clients with a personalised in-depth coaching and support service that will address their particular issues and concerns. We will help clients to identify their best solutions to their issues and devise actions and plans for implementation.


We are happy to help clients with any relevant issue, our role would be as coach/facilitator but we can also apply our own expertise, where appropriate, to help clients find the right solution.


Our range of support is across the whole spectrum of financial, commercial, business and strategic issues and we are happy to provide counselling support where this is required.