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Psychometric testing

FBS can provide a range of psychometric testing services across ability tests, aptitude tests, personality profiles and other instruments. The service is available in any situation where an organisation has need of individual personal assessments e.g. recruitment and selection, succession planning, personal development, assessment & development centres.


We can advise on testing in general as well as the suitability of tests. A full design and delivery service is offered or we will be happy to simply administer tests on your behalf.


We follow the codes of the British Psychological Society.


These four instruments are published by Harcourt Assessment (formerly The Psychological Corporation) and represent examples of the various psychometric tests that we use.


Personality Profiling



A work based measure of personality developed entirely in the UK based on the 'big five' model. It is useful in selection, team-building and personal development.



A wide-ranging measure of personal integrity entirely developed in the UK. It looks at seven dimensions that may provide protection against carelessness, lack of commitment, hostility, disciplinary problems, disrespect, theft and inability to cope with change.


Ability Testing


Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal UK:


The industry standard and highly demanding test of critical thinking measures the abilities that are key to effective decision making. It measures high level verbal reasoning across 5 key areas - drawing inferences, recognising assumptions, argument evaluation, deductive reasoning and logical interpretation.


Differential Aptitude Tests for Selection:


A battery of tests that measure different types of ability or aptitude, they are in two components, General Abilities Battery and Technical Abilities Battery.


Instruments from other test publishers are available including Saville and Holdsworth (SHL) and Oxford Psychologists Press (OPP) in the UK and Psychological Assessment Resources Inc in the USA.


Assessment & development centres


Assessment centres are a well-known and established tool in recruitment and selection. Development centres, an adaptation of assessment centres, are now popular in the employee development process, helping to identify and confirm development needs in individuals.


We are available to design and run assessment & development centres or simply to support an organisation in running its own. A complete service is available including advice and design of competencies if this is required.