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FBS offers SMEs and Independent Businesses external support in the form of advice, guidance, mentoring and other types of help on an occasional or continuous basis. 


We aim to provide practical advice and support that works and to help you deal with issues and problems effectively so that you can achieve your business and personal objectives.


Many independent businesses and SMEs are run by single owner managers who have no specialist or expert support within the business unlike large organisations with their boards of directors and departments concentrating on specialist business and organisational areas. For the independent owner manager having someone to turn to when major issues arise or just to consult on ordinary everyday topics is a real problem, they just don’t have anyone. FBS aims to resolve this problem by giving you access to someone who can not only help you themselves but can also make contact with other business experts to provide you with that support and assistance when you need it most.


David Hazell the owner and principle consultant for FBS is an accredited associate of the Institute for Independent Business a not-for-profit research, training and accreditation organisation. Since 1984 the Institute has been working with independent businesses providing “practical advice that works”. You can find out more about them by visiting their web site at


We are happy to provide support in the form of a business advisor or ‘business friend’ and also to undertake specific projects and tasks for you where you need assistance and external experts. We can become the equivalent of your own board of non-executive directors available when you need us most or just for the occasional chat.


The range of support that we can offer is extensive in fact we like to pride ourselves with being able to cover just about every area of business so we believe that we can always help you. 


We do not believe in high pressure selling and will never try to talk you into taking on services that will not help you. Our aim is to provide genuine support that will benefit you and your business and to build a good and lasting relationship between us. After all that makes good business sense!


So why not contact us for a free and no obligation chat, if we can’t help you we will say so. All you have to do is telephone us on 0118 966 5347 or email us at