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Consultancy for SMEs


1-2-1 coaching and support


Psychometric testing






FBS provides facilitation services and support for small and large groups.


We are skilled facilitators and can use a range of tools and techniques to help groups resolve problems and issues and tackle special projects.


For situations where time is limited and groups need to identify issues and/or produce ideas quickly we use the Nominal Group Technique (NGT). This is a tried and tested method that is very powerful in getting results quickly. It can be adapted to fit most situations and in its first stage can produce lots of output from a group with all members participating.


For large group situations we use the open space method but other tools are available depending upon the circumstances.


We can also provide help for that most important first team meeting where building an effective team must begin. For this we use a structured approach with a team-building tool based on a model developed by Dr David Wilemon of Syracuse University.